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Oktober 13, 2015 oleh ustazkenali

In today’s consumers society, credit cards have becomes very popular and convenient source of spending money. This is no doubt that they provide numerous benefit to the public. People use credit cards (cc) for various purposes. Cc are essentials in modern commerce when buying air tickets online, booking hotel room, travelling overseas, shopping onlin and or paying bills. However, it is believed by majority that usage of cc bring more problems in people’s lives than advantages.  As for me, I reckon that cc should be  highly promoted in our modern society to help people have a better life.

Firstly, advocates of the cc certainly consider the benefits. It is true that owning a cc allow users the ability to get cash advance without going to the bank and able to access the facility to spend first and pay later. Cc is very useful in unprecedented situation, for example in case of emergencies where one has to spend a huge amount of money for admission and treatment in a private hospital or to make payment for any impromptu bills or summons.

Besides that, cc are also significant to individuals in different occasions. They have change people’s lives in many positive ways and the most obvious in convenience as they are widely accepted around the globe. Users are more secure as they don’t have to carry cash for their daily business wherever they go. For instance, people are able to pay various bills such as monthly water, sewage, telephone and electricity payment with a cc and pay back later without interest attached. Furthermore, people travelling overseas need not carry local currencies as it is useful to bring a lot of cash in their wallet. They can use cc to pay accommodation, transportation and others things needless of exchanging their money to foreign currencies. Therefore, cc are widely considered as a safer way compared to having cash.

Apart from that, cc also provide more options for buying online and at the same time boost the countries’ economy. More amazingly, if people use cc with caution and good plan, they can earn loyalty points, discounts at some shopping malls in terms of saving money, airline miles or even cash back.

Although there are so many advantages in using cc, we still need to be attentive to some advantages. Since cc encourage people to spend money they do not have, people may face the problems of building up debts and financial difficulties. Once people are unable to settles their debts, everyone suffers; those in debts may lose their jobs, houses and cars, banks lose money and the whole economy suffers. Therefore, acquiring too many cc will lure users to overspend and lose track of payment details and deadlines. When users are charged with interest, their debts accumulate and this situation normally leads them to end up with poor financial status.

On the whole, having an easy access to cc can beneficial to the individual and society if they are use wisely and carefully. I reckon users will gain benefits if they use them when necessary and do not spend beyond their means. I users do not have discipline in using cc and poor in financial management, they will definitely face future financial problems. Despite the fact the cc make our lives much easier  and enjoyable, the can also create obstacles which bring more detrimental effects. Therefore, people in today’s society must learn to live within their budgets and not obsessive in overspending to avoid burden with hefty debts.


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